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Gas Connections and Infrastructure Project 7barg

pipework installed by national gas

Our Gas Connections and Infrastructure Team has recently conducted a gas upgrade for large North Wales factory.

This site in North Wales needed an increase in gas capacity and a larger metering supply to provide 15,000kW due to undertaking a large factory extension. 

The Gas connections and infrastructure team provided a full scope of works to provide – 

  • A new 7barg Intermediate Pressure 125mm PE gas service 17m in length. 
  • A new 56m IP twin stream meter module. (Dresser metering design). 
  • Bespoke Kingsley Kiosk. (7barg kiosk manufactured to PRS35).
  • New 180mm PE outlet 25m in length terminating with a 150mm gate valve outside the unit.
  • GL5 documentation. (7barg gas service pipeline and connection method).
  • MP10 (G17) documentation. (7barg meter module, kiosk and DSEAR calculations). 

The gas network provided a new 125mm Intermediate Pressure Gas service with connection to the existing 180mm IP parent main. 

Our design team submitted the construction design for approval and working with our UIP (Utility Infrastructure Provider) we completed the GL5 documentation needed for the gas infrastructure works. 

We completed the MP10 (G17) documentation for the new meter module and kiosk. Both GL5 and MP10 (G17) documentation completion are a legal requirement when working on above 2barg but below 7barg pressure installation works.

Our UIP constructed the new gas service works and IP connection and the installation of the 180mm outlet PE pipework. All newly installed pipework was hydrostatically strength tested, tightness tested and fully purged to complete the full scope of commissioning. 

Our metering service partner then fully commissioned the meter module ready to be brought online. 

The new outlet pipework was then fully gassed up to the 150mm gate valve termination point outside the unit. 

Disconnection of the old IP service will be completed when the customers internal pipework contractor has completed all internal metallic gas pipework installation and alteration works. We can then proceed with our UIP to complete the service disconnection works before we can decommission and remove the old meter. At this point the new system and meter module will be feeding the factory. 

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