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Hydrogen solutions by ngm is embracing the hydrogen revolution. 

Hydrogen will be an important part of a decarbonated net zero energy system in the future. It will provide clean energy for heavy and light industrial premises. Hydrogen is different to natural gas, it burns with no harmful carbon dioxide, it has smaller molecules, it’s not compatible with certain materials and it carries a third less energy than natural gas so more of it is needed to meet energy needs.

In a ground-breaking move towards sustainable energy solutions, National Gas Metering's hydrogen solutions by ngm has proudly launched the world's first hydrogen-powered commercial kitchen and test facility. This pioneering initiative marks a significant leap forward in the realm of clean energy innovation.

Hydrogen and Innovation Lead

Chris Wood

Chris is leading the research and development into hydrogen metering with his vast knowledge and experience in the gas industry. 

Get in contact with Chris to discuss how he can help your business transition to hydrogen or with any other hydrogen related queries. 

 chris wood
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Our GIRS accredited project managers and designers are the backbone of our gas connections and infrastructure operation. 

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Hydrogen soltuions by ngm

We’re embracing the hydrogen revolution. Hydrogen will be an important part of a decarbonated net zero energy system in the future.

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Effective energy management is a critical component of modern business operations.

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As the UK’s largest traditional meter equipment manager, we have unrivalled engineering expertise in the gas meter sector. 

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